How I keep my kit organised as a mobile nail tech

I have literally been through so many suitcases and travel bags on the quest to find the perfect way to transport my kit. I have finally found the perfect solution, thanks to Roo Beauty! If you are a mobile nail technician and are on the hunt for a sleek case that keeps your products upright and organised, look no further.

Introducing The Lolabelle:

Roo Beauty's Lolabelle is any mobile nail tech's dream! I chose the black glitter and I get so many compliments on it.

Here it is outside one of my clients homes.

You can watch my youtube video on the Lolabelle case here

Priced at £164.99 this Roo Beauty case is definitely an investment. But if you are on a budget as I always am, sign up to their mailing list, follow them on instagram and wait for a discount code. I got mine for around £100 with a discount code so its definitely worth using one.

When I first started out as a mobile nail tech I really wanted a Zuca, all the nail techs backstage had one, it looked compact and neat but you could also use it as a stool which really sold it for me but at £200-£300 I just couldn't justify it. I was also told that it was very heavy to carry and quite small inside. Not worth the hassle tbh.

So for years I would swap between small to medium size suitcases depending on the size of my kit that day. Whilst suitcases can be very practical, easy to travel with and spacious (sometimes) I found that they looked very unpleasant and unprofessional when laying flat out on a clients living room floor.

I even went through the metal case phase that I think probably every beauty professional has experienced at some point. These cases can be great for space but are very cheaply made and sooo heavy to carry once filled with kit.

I got mine from a random company on Amazon. The top was detachable and I would keep my lamp at the bottom, gel polishes in the middle and my main kit at the top.

It's taken me 6 years but I've finally found the best mobile nail case on the market. The Roo Beauty Loulabelle comes with 6 beauty cases that can be used with the foam inserts to keep polishes upright, a tool bag (great for brushes and other tools), and a large detachable bag to store ppe, towels, lamps or any other large bits and bobs. There is plenty of space and lots of compartments to help you safely store your kit. Not to mention the case is lightweight and easy to pull. My only criticism is that I wish it had 4 wheels, other than that it is everything.

I like to keep my main kit at the top of the trolley so that I can keep it close to me whether I'm in a client's home or on a shoot.

The state of your nail kit is very important, clients love to see a clean and well maintained kit. They are more likely to recommend you to friends and family when you can show that you take pride in your work and appearance, kit included. Roo Beauty's kit solutions are aesthetically pleasing, practical and the perfect way to get and stay organised.

I have also recently added 'Clara' and the 'Clara Maxi' to my collection, in black glitter of course. These are great for when I'm on set, backstage or when I need to condense my kit down for a mobile job.

above is 'Clara' a small clear cosmetic bag with pockets, a body strap and ergonomic handles. Perfect for tip boxes, nail tools, wipes and ppe £34

above is 'Clara Maxi' a large version of the 'Clara' I keep my Gel Lamp inside along with my portable light and other electronics. £45


This is my full Roo Beauty Black Glitter Kit in the back of my car and ready to go!

I love that I can mix and match and still keep it uniform!

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