Trend Alert: Butterfly Nail Art

I painted my first butterfly on a nail back at a T2 event with Nails By Mets (below) and it was small and simple and I was quite proud of it actually lol. Today, I follow so many amazing nail techs on instagram and I have seen some incredible hand drawn butterfly skills which has inspired me to step my #ButterflyNailArt game TF up!

More recently, cosmetics Queen, Kylie Jenner posted her butterfly nails by Chaun Legend which were inspired by fellow nail artist @Krocaine and it sent the nail art world into a butterfly frenzy with every artist and nail fanatic wanting to add the design to their instagram grid!

Butterfly nails at the T2 store event in Oxford Circus by LG Nails London

Butterflies have been an obsession of mine for as long as I can remember, they are obviously super beautiful to look at but they look absolutely banging on nails!

For my 25th Birthday I decided to give my talented friend and fellow nail artist Emily a visit to create the dreamiest butterfly and rainbow ombre nails to mark the occasion.

Butterfly Nail Art by @emilysmakeupandnails

More Butterfly nail art by LG Nails...

Twin butterflies for Yana by LG Nails London

Rainbow butterfly nails for Clare by LG Nails London

Neon butterflies for Sarah by @Lg_NailsLondon

I still need to perfect my butterflies but I am loving every minute of painting them, the process is so therapeutic!