As we are delivering a close contact service, we require all clients to read and agree to our Covid-19 protocol before booking with us. We take the safety of our clients and therapists very seriously and are doing the best we can to stop the spread of this nasty virus.
If you are feeling unwell and are experiencing ANY flu-like symptoms please cancel your booking. 
1. All clients are required to wear a mask throughout the service. A brand new single use surgical mask is required and reusable masks will not be accepted I'm afraid.
2. Clients are asked to wash hands upon therapists arrival followed by hand sanitiser.
3. Please ensure the room is well ventilated and the working area is free from clutter.
4. Other household members are asked to kindly stay in another room until the therapist leaves.
5. Our new prices reflect our new PPE additions which are mandatory for each booking (FACE MASKS, FOOT COVERINGS, APRONS, NAIL FILE, PUMICE STONE, TOE SEPARATORS, ORANGE WOOD STICKS, BUFFERS)